Junio 2014 Ciencias Naturales

Chemistry : the central science / Theodore L. Brown… [et al.]
by Brown, Theodore L.
Boston : Pearson, 2015.
Call #: 540 B881c 2015
The earth as a cradle for life / Frank D. Stacey (CSIRO, Australia) & Jane H. Hodgkinson (CSIRO, Australia).
by Stacey, F. D. (Frank D.)
New Jersey : World Scientific, [2013]
Call #: 550 S7755e 2013
The thing with feathers : the surprising lives of birds and what they reveal about being human / Noah Strycker.
by Strycker, Noah K.
New York : Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), c2014.
Call #: 598.07234 S928t 2014
The city natural : Garden and forest magazine and the rise of American environmentalism / Shen Hou ; foreword by Donald Worster.
by Hou, Shen.
Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, [2013].
Call #: 577.60973 H835c 2013
Differential ion mobility spectrometry : nonlinear ion transport and fundamentals of FAIMS / Alexandre A. Shvartsburg.
by Shvartsburg, Alexandre A.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2009.
Call #: 543.65 S5628d 2009
Química analítica moderna / W. F. Pickering.
by Pickering, William F.
Barcelona : Editorial Reverté, 1980.
Call #: 543 P596mS 1980
Química analítica moderna / W. F. Pickering.
by Pickering, William F.
Barcelona : Editorial Reverté, 1980.
Call #: 543 P596mS 1980
The big bug book : discover the amazing world of beetles, bugs, butterflies, moths, insects and spiders / Barbara Taylor, Dr Jen Green, John Farndon.
by Taylor, Barbara, 1954-
London : Hermes House, 2007.
Call #: 595.754 T2386b 2007
La gran enciclopedia de la vida acuática / Andrew Campbell y John Dawes.
by Campbell, Andrew C.
Madrid : Editorial Libsa, c2007.
Call #: 591.92 N53222S 2007
Responsabilidad del médico : aspectos civiles, penales y procesales / Ricardo D. Rabinovich-Berkman.
by Rabinovich-Berkman, Ricardo David.
Ciudad de Buenos Aires : Editorial Astrea de Alfredo y Ricardo Depalma, 1999.
Call #: 344.8204121 R1163r 1999
Between the wingtips : the secret life of birds / photography, Brutus Östling ; text, Magnus Ullman.
by Ullman, Magnus, 1946-
New York : Collins, c2006.
Call #: 598.0222 U41bE 2006
La biblia de la física y química / Creación y realización: Thema Equipo Editorial ; dirección de la obra : Jaime Viñals ; redacción de textos : Adolfo Ortiz.
Barcelona : Thema Equipo Editorial, 2012.
Call #: 530 B58236 2012
Puerto Rico’s birds in photographs: a complete guide and CD-ROM including the Virgin Islands / Mark W. Oberle.
by Oberle, Mark W.
Seattle, Washington : Editorial Humanitas, c2010.
Call #: P.R. 598.09 O124p 2010
Enciclopedia completa de las aves / [Christopher Perrins ; traducción, Susana Madroñero Ferreiro y Antonio Rincón Córcoles].
Madrid : Libsa, c2011.
Call #: 598.03 N53273 2011
Innovative methods of marine ecosystem restoration / edited by Thomas J. Goreau, Robert Kent Trench.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2013.
Call #: 333.956 I586 2013
The Princeton guide to evolution / Jonathan B. Losos, Harvard University, editor in chief ; David A. Baum, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Douglas J. Futuyma, Stony Brook University, Hopi E. Hoekstra, Harvard University, Richard E. Lenski, Michigan State University, Allen J. Moore, University of Georgia, Catherine L. Peichel, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dolph Schluter, University of British Columbia, Michael C. Whitlock, University of British Columbia, editors.
Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2014]
Call #: 576.8 P9571 2014
Bacterial pathogenesis : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine / edited by Pascale Cossart, Pasteur Institute, Stanley Maloy, San Diego State University.
Cold Spring Harbor, New York : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, [2014]
Call #: 616.9041 B131 2014
The world’s rarest birds / Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash & Robert Still ; with contributions by Nick Langley … [et al.] ; and illustrations by Tomasz Cofta.
by Hirschfeld, Erik.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2013.
Call #: 598.168 H6695w 2013
Bajo las olas : Puerto Rico = Beneath the waves : Puerto Rico / Héctor J. Ruiz Torres ; [traducido al inglés por Nicole Álvarez Durán].
by Ruiz Torres, Héctor J.
Puerto Rico : Sea Grant, c2012.
Call #: P.R. 551.46 R9348b 2012


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